Tenant Representation

A seasoned tenant representative will save you both time and money by providing real estate expertise – at no cost to you. Tenant representatives, also referred to as buyer’s agents, provide the following advantages:

  • Tenant Representatives have a fiduciary duty to serve you – they are dedicated to the best interests of their clients.
  • Tenant Representatives provide market knowledge – valuable information to arm you against landlords.
  • Tenant Representatives save you time – which allows you to stay focused on your business and serving your customers.
  • Tenant Representatives services cost nothing to the client – commissions are paid by landlords.


Our goal is to establish strong relationships with companies who need ongoing real estate assistance. No matter what phase your business is in, from starting a new business to expanding upon an existing company – we provide you the guidance to help make your endeavor a successful one.

Part of our tenant representation duties include preparing our clients to make important decisions about their business – by providing valuable information (with real numbers) related to the real estate landscape. This valuable information is vital to entrepreneurs who are in the process of building a solid business plan. We cover all of the bases so there are no surprises and we make sure our clients are well prepared.

Some of our clients are established businesses who are experiencing growth. Most would argue that growth is a great problem to have, however there are pains associated with growth that must be solved. Thankfully, we can educate business owners in this situation by providing information about the current real estate market. For example, this information can help a business owner make a decision on whether to move the business into a larger facility or keep the existing office and open up another office in another geographic area. Either way, an intelligent decision will be made based on the experience and knowledge of the tenant representative services that Centric Commercial provides.

Whether you are starting a new business or are looking for alternatives for your existing business – we will keep you educated on the current real estate market, so you can make intelligent decisions. The information that his team brings to the table will protect you during lease (or purchase) negotiations. This protection includes a birds-eye view of the market, established relationships with landlords and owners, and local real estate experience that could add up saving you thousands of dollars.

Centric Commercial is looking forward to establishing a relationship with your company.